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Big Pharma Skeletons In The Closet by Martin Shkreli

Below was written by Martin Shkreli in January 2017: Welcome to Pharma Skeletons,  by Martin Shkreli Stephen Ubl,  Don't you dare point your finger at me for the pharmaceutical industry's troubles. It turns out we've all made some unpopular moves. Abbvie/Abbott Abbott raised the price of an HIV drug, Norvir, (sound familiar?) to huge public outcry. People were pissed. They didn't need to. Abbott had billions of dollars of net income that year. Abbott still raises the price of Humira, every year. This is despite Humira being the best selling drug on the planet. Allergan Allergan pretends 10% price increases make sense in a no-inflation environment. Just assume no one can do math. A big price increase on a small product is worse than small increases on big products, right? Just paid the SEC a ton of cash to settle allegations it wasn't disclosing M&A events properly. We pulled Namenda IR off the market so that we could greedily switc