Return of the King



  1. Did you really get super rich by jacking up the price of lifesaving medicine?

    1. Sorry I didn't read your post below this, I read the thrillist article that sent me here at this link
      Now I have something to say about Twitter and reddit, what a waste of time, don't worry about getting kicked off Twitter, I won't ever go back, it's garbage. I think that you're a great guy if you are actually running ethical pharma business because everyone in America that has to buy these pills and treatments are shocked, saddened, and downright pissed off on the price situation and it's a huge mess that majority is supporting for some reason they won't change it so we all live in this kroocked world and it socks. It's all jacked up because Medicare is writing blank checks to drug companies without any actual human oversight, that's what I think and oh yeah, what you say about these greedy people that don't care. Hope it gets figured out

    2. You know, after reading your story on Wikipedia, it's fukin bulletin what happened to you, that they can take it out on one person when the entire system is doing it, I don't agree with the justice system in many things especially the trial system, it's unbelievable how everyone I know cannot believe how stupid and dumb the court system is, I'm sorry that happened to you when the world is still suffering from a system that you just happened to be a part of and took it out on you when the government needs to reform almost every business system in this country because every consumer good is a flicking rip off with price, quality, ingredients you name it and everyone knows it and nothing gets changed my entire life we have been run by inept Jenks and we deserve better than this but that's how it is. Sorry for your loss

  2. Hey, will there be any more pharma skeletons posts being published?

  3. Wow, what a great post about "Return of the King"! I couldn't help but think about the parallels between the perseverance of Aragorn and the resilience needed to fight Malaria symptoms. Both require a strong will and unwavering determination to overcome challenges. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I've been defending you for years, homie. I have done podcasts on your story...I actively force myself into conversations mentioning you because it's all dogshit.

    Fuck em. If they can railroad Donald Trump over fake Russiagate allegations just be glad they didn't want to give you the Assange treatment. Welcome back, King.


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